Match Made in Tameside

Match Made in Tameside

Tuesday, 14th March 2017

In October 2015, Tameside 4 Good in partnership with Tameside Council’s employment and skills team hosted Match Made in Tameside. The event led to a charity of the year partnership between Droylsden Glass and Tameside Sight which raised £932 to support visually impaired people in Tameside.

Match Made in Tameside was designed to give charitable organisations the opportunity to showcase their work and ‘speed date’ local businesses with the aim of starting mutually beneficial relationships. At the event in October 2015, Droylsden Glass chose to support Tameside Sight. The charity provides support to the visually impaired with the sole aim of improving their independence and the feeling of being valued within the local community.

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Kevin Thackeray, director at Droylsden Glass Ltd, said: “Supporting Tameside Sight seemed to be a perfect fit, as I could relate directly with them as my father-in-law became partially sighted in 2004. Overnight his independence and confidence were reduced considerably, normal day to day activities which we take for granted now required careful planning. From this meeting we decided that we would support Tameside Sight throughout 2016 where possible raising awareness, fundraising, and other areas of support, attending their events and the donation of a printer.”

Tameside 4 Good improves lives in Tameside through the giving of time, skills, money and resources to local good causes.

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