Use Your Voice

Since 2002, Voice, has been a meeting place for all the voluntary, community and faith groups across Tameside. It enables all kinds of groups, organisations and communities to influence local decision making.

Voice has continually reviewed it’s work to ensure that it is effective. You have told us that Voice is a great means of making connections and gaining information, that people do want to be more involved in decision making and that we need to support the role of your representatives of the sector. 

Care Together Report

‘Care Together’ Pre-Consultation events on Outline Business Cases for Phase 1 and 2 (October 2014), download the report

Making Connections - The Who's Who at Tameside MBC - June 2015

The Partnerships Services Team at CVAT are here to help you to be better connected to whats going on in Tameside, to help you 'make friends and influence people'! Tameside MBC have this month released their Leadership Team Structure, and their staffing structures for their neighbourhood teams, you can download these below.  To contact Tameside MBC staff by email simply use this email address formula 'first name.last name @'.

TMBC Leadership Team Structure

Making Connections – Voice Developments

What are your priorities for sharing information, working together, and having an influence on local decision making?

This is the question that the CVAT Partnership Services Team want to hear your views on.  We are already getting updated on your priorities, such as supporting Food Banks, as this is the constant process at the heart of our Voice work.

As many of you know CVAT like many other charities has been adapting to reduced funding.  This means we are in the process of changing our Voice work in the year ahead.  We will be:

  • Focusing on your key priorities (hence the question above and our recent work developing Better Futures Tameside for example).
  • Maintaining our large Voice meetings at least twice a year with a focus on tackling issues together across the borough. What should we work on together?
  • Moving from quarterly thematic network meetings to more flexible networking activity on the topics that you prioritise. Please come to upcoming network meetings and get in touch to give us your feedback and ideas. Networking and the network themes remain critical to Voice but we need to be more flexible in our approach. This means:
  • Responding to ‘hot topics’ in the news, opportunities for the sector or notable shared priorities across the sector (e.g. tackling poverty) with themed meetings. This will include testing online networking and teleconferencing as quick and cheap networking options (though we know this won’t meet everyone’s needs). What do you want to get together about in person or online? 
  • Ensuring there is representation of your views in strategy and policy development locally, regionally and nationally. We have less support capacity for this but we will be seeking the best avenues for influence and coordinating more peer support and accountability.

Making the most of our service

These guidelines are used by the staff in Community and Voluntary Action Tameside’s Partnership Services Team as a guide to ensure you receive the best possible services from us.

Your feedback has already informed these plans and we want to hear from you so that Voice can continue to be an influential and creative space for the whole voluntary, community and faith sector. Get in touch – or 0161 339 4985.