What is volunteering?

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is about giving your time to do something useful. Whether you’re helping people, the local community or the environment, volunteering is a rewarding activity for all ages. You can make new friends, learn new skills and even have some fun!  People usually give their time to groups, clubs or organisations to benefit other people or the environment.

It’s estimated that 25% of the UK adult population volunteer at least once a month. Across Tameside there are an estimated 23,000 people who regularly give their time to help their community. Volunteering doesn’t have to be regular, some people give time as a one-off and this can be just as valuable.

What sort of things do volunteers do?

Volunteering could mean working in a charity shop, helping out at a fundraising event, clearing litter from a park or helping children learn to read. But one of the great things about volunteering is the sheer range of activities you can sign up for. We can help you find a range of opportunities in Tameside.

Why volunteer?

People volunteer for many different reasons. For some people it’s a chance to give something back to your community and make a difference to people. For others it’s a chance to develop new skills or refresh old ones, obtain experience for their CV or conquer new challenges. There’s also evidence that shows volunteering can be good for your health. The NHS says giving time to others is one of the five key steps to mental well being.

Volunteer today!

We have lots of volunteering opportunities available and we can help you find soemthing to suit you. The best way to start is to book an appointment and come and see an expert advisor. This is how to contact us.